20 August, 2009

New mag on the block!

Today we received a new magazine, one that we have never heard of before - Irish Quilting. Now for reasons only known to our magazine supplier, they have decided to send us this new magazine starting with Vol 1 issue 4 - ours is not to reason why!?! It is hard to tell how good a new magazine is going to be from only one issue, time will tell - but so far it looks good. Lovely photography, glossy pages - more like a soft book than a magazine which is great if you like to re-read (again and again!) your magazines like we do!! It is also nice to have a bookshelf full of soft books rather than mags.

An article about Gail Lawther, a great designer of Celtic Knot's and other Celtic quilting.

A good 'art quilt' using what they call 'inchies', from my quick look they are 1" mini quilts/embellished squares to give your quilt a 3D effect - very clever and an easy way to add another dimension.

A nice pattern for a table runner.
A simple scrap quilt pattern - but what a great photo of the castle!
We have four copies of the magazine in stock ($11.90). If you want a copy reserved, of this or any other magazine, please email or phone and we will put it to one side for you.

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