03 September, 2009

Summer is coming - and we have proof!

We know summer is just around the corner when our summer yarns and patterns start arriving! These will be going out in the shop over the next couple of months, we will have samples knitted and get them displayed - but we thought we would give you a teaser first!! We have chosen some scrummy new colours and have got new patterns for Sirdar Sublime Soy Cotton DK, Sublime Organic Cotton DK, Juicy DK & Baby Bamboo DK. This is unlikely to be the last of our summer deliveries so keep your eyes peeled!

We will show you what is on our needles in our next post! How long will we be able to resist starting a new summer project?? Probably not very long at all :-) These new yarns will be hidden out the back, hopefully 'out of sight, out of mind' until we have finished some of the knitting we have on the go (in all honesty, 'we' means Leanne!! Robyn has been finishing her started projects and her halo is shining. Leanne's may have to wait until next winter Lol!! Her excuse is that she gets bored easily and so has to have multiple projects on the go to keep her interested!)

20 August, 2009

New mag on the block!

Today we received a new magazine, one that we have never heard of before - Irish Quilting. Now for reasons only known to our magazine supplier, they have decided to send us this new magazine starting with Vol 1 issue 4 - ours is not to reason why!?! It is hard to tell how good a new magazine is going to be from only one issue, time will tell - but so far it looks good. Lovely photography, glossy pages - more like a soft book than a magazine which is great if you like to re-read (again and again!) your magazines like we do!! It is also nice to have a bookshelf full of soft books rather than mags.

An article about Gail Lawther, a great designer of Celtic Knot's and other Celtic quilting.

A good 'art quilt' using what they call 'inchies', from my quick look they are 1" mini quilts/embellished squares to give your quilt a 3D effect - very clever and an easy way to add another dimension.

A nice pattern for a table runner.
A simple scrap quilt pattern - but what a great photo of the castle!
We have four copies of the magazine in stock ($11.90). If you want a copy reserved, of this or any other magazine, please email or phone and we will put it to one side for you.

12 August, 2009

"I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow....

sing a rainbow tooooooooo!" :-) Sorry, couldn't resist that - rest assured that you are far better off reading our singing than being here to listen to it! The reason we are bursting into song? This beautiful fabric has just arrived, called the 'Rainbow' range, we have Rainbow Poppy, Rainbow Rose, Rainbow Lily....and so on. There are 6 luscious colours and they are only $22.50 per metre. As a special offer, buy half a metre of the 6 fabrics for only $60, that works out at only $20 a metre!so, now can you understand why we were singing?? Isn't it beautiful?

Thanks for reading, we have some great batiks to put up in the next few days, a whole range of graduated fabrics, and we will have another special offer for them!

04 August, 2009

Fabrics with a 'Flourish'!

We love opening boxes - especially when we know they contain new fabrics! These stunning Robert Kaufman fabrics are always popular. Each year we see a new range and we always think they could never get any better, yet each year they do!

The three on the left are from his 'Holiday Flourish' range and all have a gold over metallic finish. They make you think of Christmas without being obviously 'Christmas fabrics'.

The two on the right are called 'Imperial Fusions' and we have sold a lot of these over the past few years, they are so versatile and gorgeous!

Holiday Flourish are $29.50 per metre and Imperial Fusions are $30.50 per metre. We think the Holiday Flourish would make up as a beautiful fussy cut or stack and whack quilt with the other two as compliments.

30 July, 2009

Calorie Free Chocolate anyone??

'What's that' we hear you say, surely there is no such thing? Now - would we lie to you?? Drum roll please........................ we give you - Chocolate Fabric!!

At $27.60 per metre, what better way to enjoy your chocolate fix without having to worry about the calories?? This would make a great apron, tote bag, wheat bag cover or how about a quilt for a special someone with a very sweet tooth? Yum yum!

P.S. Hi Aunty Val :-))

28 July, 2009

Go on - smile :-)

Had to share these cartoons with you all, I think all quilters can relate to them - I know we can!

27 July, 2009

Warm winter woolies.....for your bike?!

These pictures were sent to us by a customer - and we just had to share them! Now we love to knit but..........................................a whole motorbike??

If you have got any photos of unusual knitted objects then send them in and we will put them up. Can anyone beat a motorbike?

22 July, 2009

Newsletter day - finally!

Our snail mail newsletters will go out today! They were printed out yesterday and we sat and folded, labelled and stamped them. We post about 300 newsletters twice a year - compare that to almost 1000 when we bought the business just over 3 years ago! The reason? Not because our mailing list has got smaller, but because we now have a huge amount of people receiving theirs by email! Our original plan was to send more regular updates to the email list but now we have our blog that won't be neccessary. If you don't receive our newsletter and would like it direct to your Inbox, please email us and we will gladly add you to our emailing list.

20 July, 2009

Jill Maas and her posse came to town!

Her posse of dolls that is - although it was hard to think of them as 'dolls' - they had such character and personality! This was the first time Jill has taught a class here at Still Quilting and, due to popular demand, we already have her booked for another 3 classes next year! If you want more details see our class schedule. Jill very kindly taught two dolls during this class, Dressmakers Dummy and City Girls, these City Girls were made by Debbie who was a first time dollmaker! Two dolls in two days - amazing! As you can see from the photos, everyone worked hard and had fun - but it was heads down when we took photos :-)

The City Girls will be taught again in May 2010, it may seem a long way off but we already have bookings so it is never too soon to put your name down! Fleur will be taught in March and we have a couple of spaces for that class if you get in quick.

15 July, 2009

McKenna Ryan BOM 'Forest Hollow'

We are taking Expresions of Interest for this lovely Block of the Month. We don't have a definite price for it at the moment but expect it to be around $65 per month for 9 months. It works out to be a very good price as the patterns alone from the Pine Needles website convert to NZ$175 - and that's without postage! Go to the Pine Needles website if you want to see more details. Email us if you would like to put your name down.

Friends are like fabric....you can never have enough!
Happy Quilting, Leanne & Robyn :-)

Woohoo, we made it!!

Finally, after talking about it for.......months, we have found time to set up our blog! Welcome! We hope you will enjoy checking in on a regular basis and sharing in our adventures. We think we have the best job in the world and we have a lot of fun while we do it - we would like to share that fun with you here on our blog. We will have a link to our class schedule and newsletter, also to other blogs we enjoy - be patient though, we are blog newbies so it may take a bit of practice! We would love to hear from you, either via the comments or email (when we can figure how to link to our email addy! :-))

Happy Quilting & Knitting, see you soon, Leanne & Robyn.