28 November, 2011

Wrenly's Place at our place.

Look what has just landed on our doorstep! A beautiful range of fabrics by Valori Wells called "Wrenly"....and we will be using it to make her own quilt design called "Wrenly's Place"...... we both love it so much we think we will have to make 2 samples so there is no fighting over it once the kits are all sold Lol.

24 November, 2011

Almost Advent time.

It isn't too late to make an Advent calendar for the little person in your life. A few hours of work for years of pleasure :-)

15 November, 2011

Our latest bag pattern, nice and simple but roomy and convenient - would make a great gift!

The canvas fabric is available in two colours - hard to chooose between them both :-)

09 November, 2011

New 'kit' on the block.....

....and yes, it is another cat quilt! Cats and Quilters seem to go together, don't they? Robyn is a cat person....and while Leanne likes animals, she is allergic to cats so is happy to stick to the quilted kind ;-)

The complete kit is $175 and you will have a large panel (same size as the centre) and 2 small panels (same size as the corner blocks) left over from the printed panels to make a cushion or bag with.