12 August, 2009

"I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow....

sing a rainbow tooooooooo!" :-) Sorry, couldn't resist that - rest assured that you are far better off reading our singing than being here to listen to it! The reason we are bursting into song? This beautiful fabric has just arrived, called the 'Rainbow' range, we have Rainbow Poppy, Rainbow Rose, Rainbow Lily....and so on. There are 6 luscious colours and they are only $22.50 per metre. As a special offer, buy half a metre of the 6 fabrics for only $60, that works out at only $20 a metre!so, now can you understand why we were singing?? Isn't it beautiful?

Thanks for reading, we have some great batiks to put up in the next few days, a whole range of graduated fabrics, and we will have another special offer for them!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

my favourite colours, yyuuummmm! Wonder what the oranges look like with a dark navy. I will haveto come in and have a look.