03 September, 2009

Summer is coming - and we have proof!

We know summer is just around the corner when our summer yarns and patterns start arriving! These will be going out in the shop over the next couple of months, we will have samples knitted and get them displayed - but we thought we would give you a teaser first!! We have chosen some scrummy new colours and have got new patterns for Sirdar Sublime Soy Cotton DK, Sublime Organic Cotton DK, Juicy DK & Baby Bamboo DK. This is unlikely to be the last of our summer deliveries so keep your eyes peeled!

We will show you what is on our needles in our next post! How long will we be able to resist starting a new summer project?? Probably not very long at all :-) These new yarns will be hidden out the back, hopefully 'out of sight, out of mind' until we have finished some of the knitting we have on the go (in all honesty, 'we' means Leanne!! Robyn has been finishing her started projects and her halo is shining. Leanne's may have to wait until next winter Lol!! Her excuse is that she gets bored easily and so has to have multiple projects on the go to keep her interested!)

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